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Omoyeni Disu: Entrepreneurship Inspired by Depression

Miss Omoyeni Disu is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mwanga Candles and Diffusers, a business borne out of a depressed state of mind....

This Exercise Will Help Reset Your Brain And Increase Your Mental Clarity in Just...

If you could watch your brain for just five minutes, you would probably freak about the different things you try to understand, process, analyse,...

Depression Among Entrepreneurs is an Epidemic Nobody is Talking About

Riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster can cause depression, but refusing to talk about it will make it worse.

How to Start Silencing the Shame On Entrepreneurs’ Mental Wellness Challenges

The peaks of entrepreneurship are stuff of legends — landing big funding rounds, signing a monster client, a huge buyout, a successful IPO, the...

6 things you need to know about job burnout

Burnout is like a magician. It can force you to pull an endless stream of perseverance and energy from up your sleeve, which you never thought was there.